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Reykjanes peninsula

I recently came back from my fourth trip to Iceland. The place is a dream for me as a photographer (and probably any photographer). And even though I have been to the same places several times, I always see and capture something new. The photographic conditions are never the same: the time of year, the weather, the people, your own perceiving and so on.

This time I spent 9 days (photo) touring Iceland, mainly the westfjords, but also two days were dedicated to exploring the Reykjanes peninsula (photos below).

Skarvheimen part I

Late summer this year I went trekking with a few friends of mine. Destination: Skarvheimen. Route: Finse – Raggsteindalen – Geiterygghytta – Finse. This was not a photo trip, but certainly, in this awesome landscape I could not resist the temptation.