Faces of Faroe Islands

One week in the Faroe Islands has just come to an end. It is an amazing and spectacular place. But the best thing about Faroe Island is its people. Proud people. Friendly people. Tough people. Maybe a little bit shy. But that only last until you approach them. They all speak their own version of Norwegian, or Scandinavian. Unlike Swedes and Danes they even understand my dialect from Bergen. We did not meet up with a lot of people, there isn’t a lot of people at all around the 18 islands in the North Atlantic. But the ones we met, made a big impression on us. And maybe the best part was getting drunk with the locals at a bar in Vágur at Suðuroy. Thank God the owner shut down the bar at 10 pm.

I will certainly go back to Faroe Islands. I still have places and things to explore. In the fall we will probably set up a workshop at Gjógv with Storm Safari.


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