Lier mental hospital

The mental hospital in Lier outside Drammen in Norway was built in 1926 to house and treat 600 patients. The hospital has been the site of frequent lobotomies and electroshock treatments.

In 1986 many of the buildings were shut down, but a few are still in use today.

The hospital is the most popular site for urban exploring in Norway. Unfortunately, in a photographers eyes, the buildings are now emptied. Nothing left, only the sad history.

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More information about Lier


6 thoughts on “Lier mental hospital

  1. Frank Hesjedal Post author

    Jepp, Lier er fantastisk. Selv om det er fotografert kjempemye, må jeg innrømme jeg likevel synes det er kjempespennende. Men fotografisk, så er det jo umulig å gjøre noe som ikke veldig mange andre har gjort. Eller jeg har i alle fall fotografert der uten inventar, det er ennå ikke så mange som har gjort. Selv om jeg gjerne skulle ha vært der før de ryddet.

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  3. Cheryl Auber

    Wow amazing Pictures and facts.,I lied for many years and hiding behind a wall to my family and Ex -Girlfriends of my Gender disorder and wanting to be a Boi,I hate being a Girl.


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